Messages from the Management

R.B. Overseas P. Ltd is established with the sole objective extensive range of services to its clients. The company is registered under Government of Nepal, Department of labor with the license number 772/065/066 and its located in Gongabu, Kathmandu.

Message from the Executive Director

I am grateful for your deep interest and time you spent to know about R.B Overseas Pvt.Ltd. Which will guarantee you experience and facility like never before with world class recruitment services which emphasis on quality, understanding and careful analysis into each candidates ability to bring out sataisfaction. The best thing about RB Overseas Pvt.Ltd is that the you have the advantage for securing your corporate goals through utilizations of its resource base, professional and strategic alliances we have formed partners from all around the worlds. Even more concerned on working on behalf of you, we assure, you’ll find our services unbeatable and second to none.

Thank you.
TINDUP SHERPA, Executive Director

Message from the Operation Director

The foundation to any civil society is laid well and truly by the human spirit. Infact this spirit is actually a resource, a much needed one for producing all forms of goods and services, needed for the growth and development of mankind. For all the advances made whether in science, technology, industry, manufacturing, services, infrastructure and also in societal fields, human resource is undoubtedly the most defining resource. It is driving force and the lifeline of any progressive society. To ensure that these human resources are juiciously employed and correctly placed, to the satisfaction of both the employer and the employee is our conscientious and constant endeavour. The human resource is an asset that generates results and revenues. We believe in this perfect marriage of the employer on one hand and the employee on the other, which automatically leads to a world of peace, prosperity and progress. A warm and gracious welcome to all our clients.

Thank you.

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